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Drugs on Campus 2

Drugs on Campus 2

Sitcom Cribs

Sitcom Cribs

Drugs in Hip Hop

Drugs in Hip Hop

State Enforcement Heatmaps

State Enforcement Heatm...

Tweets by Turf

Tweets by Turf

Everything Has Its Price

Everything Has Its Pric...

Body Image and BMI 100 Years in the US

Body Image and BMI 100 ...

Drug Talk on Twitter

Drug Talk on Twitter

What is Your City’s Reputation?

What is Your City’...

Visualizing Drug Experiences

Visualizing Drug Experi...

Smartphone Camera vs. DSLR

Smartphone Camera vs. D...

New Year’s Substance Use Resolutions

New Year’s Substance ...

Unplugged: A Smartphone Detox

Unplugged: A Smartphone...

Drugs and Alcohol on Campus

Drugs and Alcohol on Ca...

Rehabs.com Case Study

Rehabs.com Case Study

eBay Deals Case Study

eBay Deals Case Study

Gaming Console Wars: PS4 vs. Xbox One

Gaming Console Wars: PS...

40 Infamous Villain Hideouts You Wish Were Real

40 Infamous Villain Hid...

Drug Bless America

Drug Bless America

Finding Yourself in Canada

Finding Yourself in Can...

Thanksgiving in The USA Interactive

Thanksgiving in The USA...

Your Face on Meth

Your Face on Meth

Life Tips From The World’s Wealthiest

Life Tips From The Worl...

DIY Halloween Makeup 2013

DIY Halloween Makeup 20...

How Language Affects Your Spending Habits

How Language Affects Yo...

Digital Vanity: Sizing up the Selfie Revolution

Digital Vanity: Sizing ...

The Horrors of Methamphetamines

The Horrors of Methamph...

16 Ways the Internet Has Proven it Has a Heart

16 Ways the Internet Ha...

How Social Media Is Making Over the Fashion Industry

How Social Media Is Mak...

The Rise and Fall of Silk Road

The Rise and Fall of Si...

Weight Loss Fakers

Weight Loss Fakers

The Great Tablet Debate

The Great Tablet Debate

Path to $1B

Path to $1B

The Male Fashion Fit Guide

The Male Fashion Fit Gu...

Busted: Analyzing America’s Most Recent Drug Hauls

Busted: Analyzing Ameri...

Am I Ugly?

Am I Ugly?

Catch a Cheater

Catch a Cheater

The NoFap Experiment

The NoFap Experiment

Tweeting Resolutions: What Twitter Reveals about New Year’s Aspirations

Tweeting Resolutions: W...

The Silent Killer: Indoor Air Pollution in the Developing World

The Silent Killer: Indo...

What’s the Deal with Bitcoins Anyway?

What’s the Deal with ...

Dying to Be Barbie

Dying to Be Barbie

How Baboon Research Explains our Spending Habits

How Baboon Research Exp...

Minding Our Manners: Smartphone Etiquette

Minding Our Manners: Sm...

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  • The article is performing insanely well all over the place, tens of thousands of pageviews per day and tons of social sharing.

  • The survey and findings are great. If you do more of these please put me on a list...fascinating.

    ― Time.com
  • Received an Honorable Mention for design, creativity and innovation on the Internet.

  • This video is fantastic!

  • Featured in 18 of the Best Content Marketing Strategy Guides of 2013.

  • Now that is a f*ckin infographic!

    ― Business Insider
  • Featured in 13 Most Compelling Infographics of 2013

  • I would love to collaborate on future projects!

    ― Esquire.com
  • I love the way you laid it out. Very nice! Interesting findings. Please pass along future content.

    ― Credit.com
  • I appreciate you taking an effort to break out of the pack of the 100 or so pitches I receive every day.

    ― Mashable.com
  • You guys are obviously very good at what you do.

    ― IOL.co.za
  • Thanks to your whole team for sharing the post. This was a big hit in the office and with readers -- love it!

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Meet The Members of The Fractl Team

Nick Santillo

“Success is most often the aggregate picture of thousands of baby steps all leading toward a specifi... [Read More]

Dan Tynski
SVP, Fractl Labs

"If your eyes are singularly focused on what the next Google update means to you, you will fail to s... [Read More]

Kristin Tynski
SVP, Creative

"At its heart, viral content marketing is simply good old-fashioned storytelling. If you can reach r... [Read More]

Kelsey Libert
VP, Marketing

“You need to constantly be testing and learning, so you stay ahead of the curve and out of the echo ... [Read More]

Richard Clarke
VP, Sales

“We are living in a great age. Embrace it!” - Richard Clarke Tell me about Richard Clarke. What’s... [Read More]

Mark Won
VP, Services

“I’ve learned the most from some of my biggest mistakes it’s what keeps me moving.” - Mark Won Te... [Read More]

Brandi Santillo
VP, Production

“Allow your team the time to be creative and passionate. Encourage constant learning and exploration... [Read More]

Kevin Gu
Account Manager

“Always stay humble. No one ever knows as much as they think they know.” - Kevin Gu Tell me about... [Read More]

Lisbeth Garassino
Campaign Manager

“Passion, education, and experience equals a recipe for success!” - Lisbeth Garassino Tell me abo... [Read More]

Chibuzo Okoro
Campaign Manager

“Conspicuous creativity is not enough. We must also try to understand people and connect with them o... [Read More]

Ryan Sammy
Director of Creative

“Knowledge is power when it comes to creating content. You must find out where your audience spends ... [Read More]

Sam Deford
Creative Strategy Coordinator

“Marketing motives can coexist with journalistic integrity and scientific rigor.” - Sam Deford Te... [Read More]

Jake Tri
Creative Strategy Associate

“No matter how big or small the result, watching the creative process transform an unproven concept ... [Read More]

Andrew Larson
Creative Strategy Associate

“Have a sense of humor and be yourself. People want to hear from you, not a PR robot.” - Andrew Lars... [Read More]

Joseph Rearick
Creative Strategy Associate

“When you believe in the content you promote, outreach becomes an extension of earnest professional ... [Read More]

Greg Emmerich
Creative Strategy Associate

“Technology has lowered the barriers for innovation, and working together we’ll raise the barriers f... [Read More]

Amanda Milligan
Creative Strategy Associate

“Telling a story is the easiest way to connect to someone. If you start with a story, you’re on the ... [Read More]

Robert Sall

“Professional success is a function of properly analyzed data and the practical application of that ... [Read More]

Kelsey Johnson
Marketing Coordinator

"The internet is the biggest, fastest, most inclusive platform for connecting right now, and I love... [Read More]

Ryan McGonagill
Promotions Supervisor

“Efficient outreach is quality over quantity. In an age where everyone’s inundated with content, you... [Read More]

Peter Molinari
Promotions Coordinator

“Success is built upon relationships, and relationships are established upon trust. Social media pro... [Read More]

Susanna Arntz
Media Relations Specialist

“The greatest distinction of innovators is how they view shortcomings of a struggling economy; rathe... [Read More]

Scott Swanson
Media Relations Specialist

“The coming of the digital age has marked a shift in those who will drive us forward. Today’s societ... [Read More]

Taylor Rogich
Sr Media Relations Associate

“Creativity, initiative, and the ability to adapt are beneficial to anything you do in life. In this... [Read More]

Eric Snapper
Media Relations Specialist

“People are more connected to each other than ever. Six degrees of separation has become more like ... [Read More]

Cash Lambert
Media Relations Associate

“Content marketing starts with putting yourself in the shoes of a journalist. What does he or she wa... [Read More]

Andrea Lehr
Media Relations Associate

“Constantly challenging yourself is the best way to grow and move forward. It forces you to be creat... [Read More]

Lauren McNamara
Digital Journalist

“The most effective stories are properly focused, thoroughly researched, and designed to keep reader... [Read More]

Catherine Russo
Quality Assurance Specialist

“People may not notice imperfections, but you will know it’s there.” - Catherine Russo Tell me ... [Read More]

D. Israel Peralta
Graphic Designer

“The more you know, the better it gets.” - Israel Peralta Tell me about Israel Peralta. What’s hi... [Read More]

Andrea Rodriguez
Graphic Designer

“If you see life as black and white, you are missing all the other Pantone colors.” - Andrea Rodrigu... [Read More]

Lisset Vera
Graphic Designer

“Everybody needs inspiration; my inspiration is to create wonderful experiences for others.” - Lisse... [Read More]

Karina Ayala
Graphic Designer

"Creativity is in us all, it only takes passion to canalize it and willingness to embrace it.” – Kar... [Read More]

Joao Pereyra
Graphic Designer

“Everyone loves something that looks awesome. ‘Awesome’ can enhance our mood, make us smile, create ... [Read More]

Milo Maldonado
Graphic Designer

“If you put your whole heart into something you do, it will be better, it will feel better. Even the... [Read More]

Leire Zugaza
Graphic Designer

Design and fun go hand in hand. - Leire Zugaza Tell me about Leire Zugaza. What is her story? ... [Read More]

Sara Joseph
Human Resources Generalist

Sara Joseph “People are the key to a great business. Build your business’ foundation on the peo... [Read More]


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