Kelsey Libert

VP, Marketing

“You need to constantly be testing and learning, so you stay ahead of the curve and out of the echo chamber.” - Kelsey Libert

Tell me about Kelsey Libert. What’s her story?
Kelsey was born and raised in South Jersey – the true Garden State, where farmland and woodlands are abundant. Growing up, Kelsey was a sports enthusiast and an active team player in soccer, basketball, swimming, and lacrosse.

Tired of the northern winters and eager for her first big adventure, Kelsey took off down the coast to North Carolina. There, she self-funded her education at UNC Charlotte Belk College of Business and earned her BSBA in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing.

After graduating, Kelsey continued her voyage to the South and launched her career in Tampa, FL, before settling in Delray Beach, FL. Nowadays, you can find Kelsey honing her cooking skills in the kitchen, galavanting around Delray Dog Beach with her two dogs, or planning her next big excursion across the U.S.

What differentiates Kelsey’s work experience?
Kelsey was raised by a lawyer-domainer hybrid. In the early ’90s, her father acquired a substantial domain portfolio, and little to her knowledge, was planning her career in Internet marketing during her pre-teens. By 2007, she was groomed in outreach and was securing .gov links for his domains.

With a strong entrepreneurial drive, Kelsey flew the nest and joined the Voltier founders to start Fractl. During her first year in the workforce, she secured placements with,,,, and more. To date, Kelsey has secured more than 1,200 placements and established relationships with dozens of the web’s leading authorities, including,,,,,, and dozens more.

Today, Kelsey works on bringing the same exposure to Fractl through her speaking engagements at Pubcon and Mozcon and guest posts with several highly regarded publishers.

Let’s have a Q&A with Kelsey Libert.

If you could create your own job title, what would it be?
“Assistant Cook and Bottle Washer” because all of the partners at Fractl are highly engaged in every level of our business, from training interns to planning the big picture for our business. This high level of hands-on engagement is imperative for the success of a startup, and I love every part of it.

What are your top three strengths when it comes to your job?
I’m extroverted, so I genuinely love learning about new people and creating strong relationships. This lends to my ability to make connections with people even when communicating in a lean medium like email. I’m a self-starter, so I enjoy pushing myself to pursue new research that will help our team continue to be on the cutting edge of our industry. I’m brave, so I’m willing to step outside the box and challenge myself through public speaking engagements.

What is the most outrageous subject line you’ve ever used for a pitch?
“I'll trade your New York Grizzlies for Florida Alligators.” You can learn more about why I did this here.

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